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"Through Google Video, you can access one of Swiss artist Da Vaz’s videos on Kazakhstan. This, well, unorthodox artist has been travelling through Kazakhstan and produced a 1.5-hour documentary without ‘annoying’ commentary. "It contains very interesting perspectives from throughout the country - some bleak, some rather funny - and is recommended viewing for all those who have a boring assignment to do and can afford to have a Google Video window open on the edge of the screen. The choice of music throughout the film ranges from traditional Kazakh music via Abba (!) to full-blown club tunes. "Of note are the shots from the dry Aral Sea bed, the Russian exodus and the impressions from Astana at the end of the film. Da Vaz allocated a lot of his film time driving around in a car, in my opinion catching the endless width of the Kazakh steppe quite well. And while loads of cars break down on Kazakh roads, Da Vaz must have an obsession with burst tyres and other misfortunes on Central Asian roads. "If you wonder how Da Vaz works, check out this TV-feature on his stint at a Kazakh media school. His filming techniques are certainly quite unique, not only for the Kazakh students. http://kazakhstan.neweurasia.net"
* BORN TO MOVE, documents a road trip through Kazakhstan, mostly in small villages, 1 hour 37 minutes. Approximate times that cities are shown: Kyzylorda at 6 minutes, Uralsk at 14 minutes, Aral Sea (boats in dry beds) at 17 minutes, Caspian Sea and Aktau at 37 minutes, Aktobe at 1 hour 6 minutes, Rudnyy at 1 hour 25 minutes, Astana at 1 hour 33 minutes and lots of camels. It has a music soundtrack with little speaking and there is some very interesting footage... * ARAL SEA - Moments for Monuments, Aralsk and the Aral Sea. 22 minutes. Many of the shots were in the preceding video. * KHAZAKSTAN, ETERNAL HOME, 58 minutes, was shot in Almaty. It is mostly street shots, but does have a wedding party, families, horses, skiing, sheep, cooking, a communion. * BALANCE OF LIFE - Babuschka Masha, is an interview with a Russian Babuschka living in Kostanay about her life. What I found interesting is that several of her observations about changes in society are the same as we have in the US. 27 minutes. * BOOK OF EYES, footage from Kirgiszstan. 32 minutes. Ice fishing, lots of scenery.
Mit művel?<br/>Kolozsi László<br/>2006.02.09.<br/><br/>Jörg Da Vas dokumentumfilmei<br/><br/>Mit művel? A svájci Jörg Da Vas két dokumentumfilmjét mutatták be a 37. Filmszemlén: s tulajdonképpen örültem<comma/> hogy egyik sem került be a versenyprogramba. Két ok miatt maradt ki a Humusz for Hamasz és a Jitzhak Frey és fia: egyrészt nem magyar állampolgár rendezte<comma/> másrészt – a többi dokumentumfilm ismeretében nyugodtan állíthatom – nem érte el azt a nívót<comma/> ami a meghívását jogossá tette volna<comma/> vagy a filmek hiányát – a versenyből – fájóvá. A Humusz for Hamaszt esztétikai okokból hagytam volna ki - ha zsűritag vagyok –<comma/> a másik művet viszont etikai okokból. Pontosítok – bár az Itzhak Frey és fia valamivel jobb film volt<comma/> vagyis inkább nézhető – esztétikai és etikai okokból is elutasítható.
berl, crown heights said... Let me clarify then. “Beautiful” was a reference to the old guy (not his clownish son and other weird guy who is walking the streets. And come on, I have over the years spoken to many an old guy – this guy IS “Unikum”! Don’t you think? Besides, nothing speaks more to my heart than an authentic old-world East-European Jew (yes, even the Hungarian kind). It sure is a virtually vanished type, sadly. Thursday, June 08, 2006 10:41:14 AM
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