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History of a Private Life
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a childhood not endangered
Nonverbal communication as a primary tool of engaging and connecting in a world of sheer unlimited possibilities creates the most fundamental changes in human behaviour through curiosity and contact. It`s core consists of learning by doing. Such is the nature of learning that it never stops reinventing the world. Every time we dare to expose ourselves is a «dream come true»...

The film is about the appearance of inner structural phenomena, of an inner reality Da Vaz calls «Alice». The dear little girl represents to us what takes place on the stages of everyday Life as she goes to town. In the eye of «Alice» an ever changing world in downtown Shanghai turns into «Wonderland»: the blue highways become her playground, the evergreeen and purple trees of Huai Hai Road at night are hiding places for her Pandas, the frog in the local restaurant is her playmate and the fish in the aquarium her first boyfriend.

Da Vaz envisions color and splendor, the complexity of its multi-faceted wealth, in «Alice in Wonderland» as the world's largest stage of sensual experience. The diversity of the sound of color bears the makeup of its structure and forms a colossal entity. All this diversity of color and intensity of structure processes an underlying harmony. Every line sets an overwhelming emotional experience in motion. In this pool of contrast and emotion «Alice» perceives Shanghai as an unlimited source of creativity which she is opening up for us through her adventures. It is everyday Life that shapes her inner reality and it is this inner reality that makes her life more interesting than everyday Life.

This inner emotional turbulence, hardly transcribable into words or terms, which can only be alluded to and intuitively guessed, is expressed by «Alice in Wonderland». The multi-dimensional emotional experience expresses the wondrous poetry of her soul, the intimacy of her feelings or of a certain mood in progress.

«Alice Wonderland» represents also the world at large. All age groups hide an «Alice» of sorts. As the little girl walks Huai Hai Road she observes a different «Alice» in Star Bucks Coffee Shop or an «Alice» on mobile fon. In Fuxing Parc she meets «Alice in White». It dawns on her that there may be many «Alice» out there. But not only people can be an «Alice», as she would tell us if she could speak. She goes to bed in a room with a view: the «Blue Highway» is part of her take-off to dreamland.

As «Alice» reinvents her world she stumbles upon an experience unknown to her: «Alice» meets the «Absence of Alice». She is winding herself through this very peculiar territory, determined to tackle «the big void».

played by Meiling

special thanks: Qu Yan, Xintiandi Gallery, Police Department Shanghai

camera 1: Zhang Hao
camera 2: Zhou Tie Hai
camera 3: Jürg Da Vaz
director of photography: Jürg Da Vaz

edited by Sandor Greczi

directed by Jürg Da Vaz

shot in Shanghai

a Da Vaz production 2001