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050c BORN to MOVE - Kazakhstan unlimited
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BORN to MOVE - Kazakhstan unlimited
Dear Mr Davatz,
I just watched your documentary "Born to Move" - Kazakhstan unlimited
and I am extraordinarily impressed. While writing these words, my hands
are still shaking from the excitement generated by the movie. I am short
of words to describe with how much love and precision you conveyed the
life in Kazakhstan- so many angles, so many views and so much
dedication. First of all: Thank you so much. I traveled through
Kazakhstan by bicycle one year ago with a friend and in all honesty, him
and I fell in love with the versatility of the country. Your 97minutes
of pure genius reminded me of the vastness of its countryside. Again:
Thank you. I checked your website and the 'order' section, but to my
disbelief it does not offer a CD or DVD copy of your film. Therefore, I
am asking you whether it is possible to acquire such a copy. Obviously I
am prepared to give money as consideration in return. Thank you once
more for my last hour that I spent in front of my computer screen being
captivated by those images.
With Regards, Michael Hartleben.

An artist’s view by Ben, posted on Sunday, February 19th, 2006 at 7:10 pm
Through youtube you can access one of Swiss artist Da Vaz’s videos on
Kazakhstan. This, well, unorthodox artist has been traveling through
Kazakhstan and produced a 1.5-hour documentary without ‘annoying’
commentary. It contains very interesting perspectives from throughout
the country - some bleak, some rather funny. Of note are the shots from the dry Aral Sea bed, the Russian exodus and the impressions from Astana at the end of the film. Da Vaz allocated a lot
of his film time driving around in a car, in my opinion catching the
endless width of the Kazakh steppe quite well.

If you wonder how Da Vaz works, check out this TV-feature on his stint at a Kazakh media school. His filming techniques are certainly quite unique,
not only for the Kazakh students. Maybe because, in Da Vaz’s words: He
refused to go to any Art college. He disliked the idea of learning the
basic techniques. The outcome? A movement called, “Da Vaz”. For Da Vaz,
it’s not a question of techniques but how one evolves that along with
the creative process. When you go through his work, he urges you not to
search for his intentions behind them. It’s how you perceive them that’s

Hello, I wanted to take a moment and thank you so very much for your
wonderful production video called "Born to Move". I have thoroughly
enjoyed it and wish to share it with friends and family. I hesitate to
do so without your permission, despite the ability to share the file so
easily. I am affiliated with a Kazakhstan adoption agency and feel that
your work will help many MANY children see first hand where they have
come from, what their life and people are like in the years they were
born. You have really given us all a very special gift. I would very
much like to link our adoption agency site to your work and presently
have your film clip available for our parents to view. Would you kindly
allow me to copy your media onto a DVD and give it out this way as well?
Would you require any form of royalty or payment? I would also like to
direct parents to make contributions toward your work if this is
acceptable. Please let me know, and again, thank you!!