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057c / Fucking Good KAMCHATKA - Ballett für 2 Fischdiebe
Sony HVR-Z1E
Divicam / Digi-Beta
Kamchatka, Krapivnaja
Russian / German Edition
Hallo lieber Jürg, habe mir Deinen Kamtschatka-Film angeschaut. Sehr gut die Geschichte rund um die Fischer, sehr emotional mit den Zeichnungen am Schluss vertieft. Ausserordentlich gut die Musik. Wolfgang Synopsis Fucking Good KAMCHATKA - a ballet for two poachers Directed by Juerg Da Vaz 1000 miles from Kamchatsky-Petropavlovsk in the deep forest of Kamchatka and 120 Miles away from Esso, the next village, we meet Ivan and Dima, the two poachers in their little hut. They takes us for fishing. Nothing is planned, no situation arranged, no questions asked. Juerg and Yuri are uninvited passers-by. The Moskitos cleary draw the line. The social situation offers a rare glimpse into the lifes of men that have run away from prison in Petropavlovsk. 24 hours are just about enough to survive for one day. The struggle for daily survival is part of their pride and strenght. But their is another side to isolation. The butterfly and the portraits of Faina create a level of sensitivity of another world and show that culture has a life and an existence, even when circumstances are less than favorable. Faina is a special character. Her self-pride makes her – and us – believe that their could be a new beginning at any moment, if... Full cast Driver: Sergei Klyukin Translation: Klim Kolosov Camera 1: Juerg Da Vaz Camera 2: Yury Burak Sound: Bela Zsebeny Music: Galina Ustvolskaya Musical adaptation: Zsolt Benedek, Juerg Da Vaz Edited by: Zsolt Benedek, Juerg Da Vaz Director: Juerg Da Vaz Credits People of Krapivnaya Ludmilla Osipenko Wolfgang Mertin Peter Hailer Sergei Khubunaya Krisztian Petrovics Andras Pap Ursula Davatz Shot on site in Krapivnaya, Region Bistritsky, Kamchatka, Russia