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Refuses to go to kindergarten. When being forced he holds on to the handrail of the staircase and screams until others come out of their flats and show pity. Mother is deeply embarrassed. Has to wear knitted woolen stockings in winter. He hates wool on skin. During many years of his childhood he spends his vacationon at a farm close to Überlingen in the south of Germany. Sees pigs being slaughtered, tree roots blasted, nettle tea made for the geese, the beaks of the chicks hammering at the egg shell and the first cracks before they appear. He milks the cows, sees the difference between an ox and a bull, sprinkles salt on the cats tails, investigates the bee house behind the duck pond - an incident not without consequences: swarms of bees sting him badly. He is nursed by the old maid with compresses and fresh toffees. When minding the cows, he and Uschi roast potatoes in the furrows. Peeps into pigeons nests with Hans who grabs the young to turn their neck for later eating. Jürg is puzzled. Eats salad sweetened with sugar. Has a dislike for Brussels sprouts. Should eat it anyway at lunchtime when all are back from the field. He grabs his plate, his glas as well as fork and spoon and throws it all accross the huge farmkitchen. He feels like womiting. He runs out of the kitchen to the hay loft up three ladders hiding in the hay behind the pigeon loft. Then he locks himself into the «Plums-Clo» the farmer-toilet. He likes this place, there is newspaper for toiletpaper. He likes the big letters and fotos from men with big gestures. Speaks Badensian dialect.